Copper Riven Slate Tiles

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A riven slate tile with tones from black to copper.  This bold and dramatic slate is the perfect compliment for any room in the home

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Copper Riven Slate Tiles are a bold and dramatic natural stone tile with tones from black to copper.  This bold and dramatic slate is the perfect compliment for any room in the home. This stone is sourced from Brazil. It has a riven surface which is found naturally during the process of quarrying. The slate is cut from the quarry wall in blocks and then split rather than sawn. This process shows the layers in the slate and gives the slate texture and depth

Any riven slate has a natural non slip surface and is therefore perfect to use in any area in the home with water such as a bathroom, shower or wet room. However it can also be used elsewhere and is a practical and hardwearing stone floor which can be used in a kitchen, hall or dining area

This slate floor is also frost resistant and can be used externally as long as it is laid on a concrete base. If you plan to lay this stone outside it should be fixed with adhesive and grout rather than sand and cement.

Every stone floor needs to be sealed. The process of sealing makes the slate water resistant. It is also possible to apply a colour enhancer to this slate which will enhance the variations in colour and make in more striking and dramatic in appearance

This riven slate floor can be used with water or electric underfloor heating. It is important to use an anti fracture membrane under the slate if you have underfloor heating

Copper Riven Slate needs to be sealed following installation with our recommended stone sealer. As long as it is sealed correctly when installed it is a practical and durable floor which will need resealing every 4 – 5 years. Light cleaning should be carried out with a recommended stone cleaner. It is essential not to use detergent based cleaners on natural stone as they can strip away the sealer over time


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Copper Riven Slate

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