Antique Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles

£80.00 (Price are per sqm net and subject to VAT)

These reclaimed terracotta tiles are sourced from Eastern Europe.

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There is no other type of antique stone flooring which has the warmth and depth of colour of Antique Reclaimed Terracotta. Antique Stone Flooring such as our Antique Reclaimed Terracotta tiles have beautiful warm tones and a unique patina from hundreds of years of previous wear. This antique Reclaimed Terracotta tiles is reclaimed from grand houses across Eastern Europe. These antique Reclaimed Terracotta tiles can be laid in a herringbone or brick bond.

This tile has soft salmon pink to yellow tones and aged edges. It is a perfect compliment for any rustic design scheme. This reclaimed terracotta is sourced from Serbia or the Czech republic. It is hard wearing and durable and can be used in any room in the home.

Lead time: 1 to 2 weeks

Every terracotta floor needs to be sealed. Once sealed it can also be waxed to give a richer tone and to add a sheen to the floor. Terracotta floors were historically waxed when laid and if you are seeking a traditional look this is one way to achieve it. If you wax a terracotta floor this will also stop dirt getting ground into the surface and make the floor easier to maintain and look after.

Heritage Ceramics is a specialist in reclaimed floor tiles. Our staff have 20 years experience working to reclaim natural stone floors and terracotta for discerning clients across europe. Every batch is photographed, graded, carefully cleaned and catalogued. We source stone in the United Kingdom and across Europe.

We deal with specialist reclamation yards to obtain the best possible products with reliable supply. Our company can help with antique reclaimed limestone or with antique reclaimed terracotta. We have an extensive network of suppliers and can cover any requirement. If you need help with installation please let us know and we can provide an experienced tiler (who has laid floors of this nature before) to help.

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Antique Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles

15 x 30 x 2 cm

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