A natural stone floor should be a durable and practical surface for any room in the home. However it is important to maintain it correctly to keep it looking its best. We would recommend the use of a specialist stone cleaner whenever you normally clean the floor. There are a whole variety of suitable products on the market – the important thing is that whatever you use has no detergent in it. The normal method is to add a cap of stone cleaner into a mop bucket of water and use higher concentrations of cleaner on more stubborn marks

It is very important not to use a detergent-based cleaner such as Flash or Fairy Liquid on a stone floor. Repeated use of detergents can strip of the sealer which will leave the stone vulnerable to anything which is dropped on it

The bottom line is that if the stone is sealed correctly no mark should be able to get into the floor. Therefore it is simply a case of ensuring you use the right stone cleaner to keep the floor clean

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