Delivery and Unloading

Important information on your delivery and how to unload and store.


We offer two types if delivery 

  1. Delivery by a lorry with a tailgate that can be lowered to the floor – The driver will manoeuvre the lorry as near as possible to the property and will lower the crate to the ground. The crate of stone will be unloaded at the rear of the truck onto the floor. If the site is not level, the ground not firm or there is a gravel drive, getting the stone any closer to the property or to a more convenient location may not be possible.Thereafter your own contractors are required to move the material to the required location and to dispose of the crates responsibly. This is the cheapest form of delivery. Your stone & ancillary products will arrive on separate vehicles as they come from different warehouses.
  2. Delivery by a lorry with a small crane –  The driver will bring the lorry as near as he can to the property and will lift the stone off the lorry with the crane. Here the stone may be able to be placed either side of the truck in convenient locations or onto a smaller vehicle for movement closer to the property. It is much more flexible and should be specified if the delivery site is not level, the ground is not firm or if you have a gravel drive.Thereafter your own contractors are required to move the stone to the required location & to dispose of the crates responsibly. This form of delivery is usually more convenient, more expensive but may save a lot of time. The cost of hiring in a crane arm is in the region of £500 plus VAT per vehicle – subject to postcode, weight of load and number of crates etc. Should you wish for us to quote on a crane arm delivery, please contact us at least 7 working days prior to your delivery. Your stone and ancillary products will arrive on separate tail-lift vehicles as they come from different warehouses.


  • Please check which type of delivery has been ordered
  • Please doublecheck the delivery specified on your order.
  • If you have any doubts over which delivery method is suitable for your property please contact us.


  • Please make us aware at the time of placing your order of any access restrictions to you property such as narrow roads, difficult or steep access points, congested parking, parking restrictions (metered or otherwise – e.g. permit only), narrow turning circles &/or whether the road is a school/college drop off/parking zone.


Deliveries are usually made between 9.00am and 5.30pm. We can ask the driver to ring you 1 hour before the delivery to arrange to meet you on site. He will usually be able to do this. We can also usually offer a pre 12am delivery at a charge of £40 + VAT.

If you require either of these two options please advise asap.

We book deliveries weeks in advance and it may not be possible to accommodate requests made at the last minute. Please let us know if your site has specific opening times.


We will normally aim to deliver the week before your tiler starts work. The stone will be delivered on wooden crates (approx 1 metre square), they are very heavy (approx 1 tonne per crate). Please arrange for yourself or your contractor to meet the delivery & advise our driver of your preference as to where the material should be left. It will be your responsibility to take the stone from the vicinity of the truck to the area awaiting tiling & to dispose of the crates responsibly.


If you do not have a contractor on site or cannot arrange for labour for unloading, please liaise with your tiler who should be able to arrange unloading himself.


Please check your stone on delivery to make sure that it is the right type, of satisfactory quality, undamaged and that you have received the correct amount of stone. Please advise us of any discrepancies within 48 hours of receipt. If you have any queries or questions about your stone, Heritage Ceramics must be notified within 5 days of the delivery.

Claims for short delivery cannot be accepted beyond the 5 day period.

Please contact us as soon as possible after the delivery if for any reason you are uncertain about your stone – DO NOT proceed with installation.

Heritage Ceramics cannot accept responsibility for or replace stone that has already been installed.

Delivery for the second time -Heritage Ceramics have quoted on making one delivery only to your property. We reserve the right to charge if for whatever reason further deliveries have to be made.