We offer a range of premium quality natural stone flooring tiles sourced from around the world

Welcome to our natural stone flooring and ceramic tile shop

Heritage Ceramics is a supplier of natural stone floors and porcelain tiles. We offer honed, brushed and tumbled limestone tiles, marble stone flooring tiles, antique reclaimed terracotta tiles, slate tiles and flagstones, and traditional English stone flooring such as Portland, Cotswold and Bath as well as less expensive imported alternatives.

These are flexible materials which can be used in any scheme whether the requirement is rustic black slate flagstones, antique blanc rose tiles or contemporary marble stone flooring.

We have been active in this industry for 15 years. We source from a wide variety of suppliers from across the globe. Our aim is to offer a wide range of top quality practical stone flooring tiles which can be used in any project or on any scheme. Our underlying aim is always to offer top quality natural stone tiles at affordable prices